Gurhan Hidden Treasures Phoenican One Of Kind 24K Gold Necklace Bracelet Set

  • Item No: 47868

This is a stunning set by important jewelry designer Gurhan. Gurhan Orhan known for his works in 24k gold and ancient design techniques, he was chosen to design this set to compliment and exhibit in the Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures From The National Museum, at The Metropolitan. The hidden treausures Phoenican collection used semiprecious stones representing totems of protections and talismans for good fortune. This set comes with original paperwork from the time of purchase in 2013 original owner paid $13,200 for the necklace and $6200 for the bracelet. The bracelet and neckalce are done in 24 gold with hanging semiprecious talismans and totems. The necklace measures 17" long bracelet measures 7 1/4" long total weight 76.0 grams Here is a list and description of each handmade talisman. Arrowhead: Protection from illness and to guard against the evil eye. Lentil: The lentil symbolizes abundance, richness, and saftey. Gurhan has used the talisman many times in past jewelry. The rosette medallion: This is the middle part of the crossed shape ornament which is worn by the Indian river goddess Ganga. Bird: Since ancient times, the birds have been used