Antique Art Nouveau Korschann Nude Mermaid Two Color Gilt Bronze Vase

  • Item No: 46509

Korschann Nude Mermaid Two Color Gilt Bronze Vase. This is a beautiful antique Art Nouveau Korshann vase depicting a nude mermaid coming out of the water. She appears to be holding a net with sculptured fish all around her. On the side of the vase is a gilt mythological male figure staring at her. The detail and quality of this vase is superb it is the finest quality Korshann vase we have ever seen. The vase is signed Korshann and has the Louchet Paris foundry mark. The vase measures 7” high by 3 ½” wide. Great condition the patina is very nice. This vase looks great on a desk as a pen holder it comes from my personal collection. Charles Korshann is very important art Nouveau artist who typically did vases with woman.