Antique Kerr Sterling Silver Bunny Themed Baby Bowl

  • Item No: 44212

Antique Kerr Sterling Silver Bunny Themed Baby Bowl. This is a very rare antique baby cereal or porridge bowl. It has a detailed bunny theme and in the center it shows a baby and a bunny eating cereal together. On the rim of the bowl it has a fairlytale rhyme that reads "Don’t you think it funny that he should be like you, watch that little bunny he's feeling hungry too." Some of the bunnies are dressed like humans and are holding large spoons. The bottom the bowl has the Kerr mark Sterling and numbered B0190. It is also inscribed Patricia. The bowl is in excellent condition and it measures 6 inches in diameter. Weight is 3.5 ounces. Please check my other listing for the matching milk jug.